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Native Northwesterner Meacham resides in the Seattle area, studied art and graduated from the University of Washington.  Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries regionally and nationally including Northwest Fine Arts Competition, Photographic Center Northwest, Texas Photographic Society National competition, The Gallery at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts,  A.  Smith Gallery, The American Art Company in Tacoma, Muse Gallery and Foundation for the Visual Arts, Philadelphia, The Society for Photographic Education, The Center for Fine Art Photography, Women in Photography, Annual Larson Gallery Photo National Exhibition, Photomontage Gallery, and Seattle Art Museum Photography Council.  Images from the Florae Series were featured in Publications including Polaroid "P" magazine. 

Colleen Meacham's wide-ranging photographs have explored the natural world throughout the Northwest, Hawaii, and Europe.  Recently she has delved the geometry and shape of architectural subjects, exterior and interior details, and the visual bustle discovered on walks in urban streets and settings.

The Florae Series' black and white images follow the rich tradition of botanical photography.  Experimentation with Polaroid medium format film led to solarization, creating the painterly effect of a thin black line around the petals, leaves and stems. 

Impressionist paintings influenced the colorful explorations of the Brushstrokes Series.  An abstract atmospheric quality is realized by brushstroke-like movements, recording the immediacy of the moment.